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Does the Radius product have different types of tones?

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The LISNR Radius SDK utilizes different Tone Profiles for Transmitters and Receivers while Transceiver Types are used for bi-directional Transceivers. Please see below for an overview:

Tone Profiles

  • Standard2: Long range, lower throughput. Optimized for reverberation and increased reliability. Typically used for Proximity Engagements, Broadcast and Second Screen implementations. Throughput of 33.3 bits/second, 66.6 bits/second (wideband). Maximum of 255 bytes.

  • PKAB2: Short range, high throughput. Optimized for closed distances. Typically used for Authentication, Payments, Access, and Security implementations. Throughput of 1000 bits/second, 2000 bits/second (wideband). Maximum of 3000 bytes.

Transceiver Types

Each transceiver type is composed of two tone profiles: one used for transmitting LISNR tones and one used for receiving LISNR tones. The throughputs, max payload size, etc for the utilized tone profiles in a transceiver type are the same as indicated above.

  • Transmit with standard2 wideband and receive with pkab2

    • Ex. Transmitting small identifier and receiving a confirmation payload from a nearby device

  • Transmit with pkab2 and receive with standard2 wideband

    • Ex. Transmitting a payment payload and receiving a confirmation response

  • Transmit with pkab2 and receive with pkab2 (higher and lower frequencies)

    • Ex. Transmitting an ATM transaction payload and receiving account balance

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