Tone Security
How secure is the tone?
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The LISNR Radius SDK enables offline authentication and with our high speed throughputs, can support the transmission of OTP (one time password) or tokenized payloads that can ensure a secure connection. You can also encrypt your data before you transmit your tone payload and decrypt the data after you demodulate the tone.

The LISNR Point SDK offers the same security advantages as Radius with an additional TCP-like protocol. With the Point product, a Client and Host are established. The interaction begins with a Host beaconing either its own unique ID and optional beacon data. In order for a Client to respond to a beaconing Host, the Client payload must contain the unique Host ID in order for the Host to accept the payload transmission. Once the Host detects the Client payload (containing the Host ID), the Host sends an acknowledgement or custom verification data back to the Client via ultrasonic to ensure delivery. In order for the Client to accept the incoming acknowledgement, the payload must contain the Client ID in the header as well to ensure the transmission is returning to the same device. If at any time during the transmission exchange the Host or Client IDs do not match the original IDs, the transmission will not continue.

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