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Integration Requirements
Integration Requirements

What is required prior to integrating LISNR's Radius SDK product into my current environment?

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If you answered yes to nearly all of the following questions, then you are in great position to begin integration LISNR's Radius SDK into your current solution. Other aspects to consider are changes to your UI/UX and end-user education for using ultrasonic data-over-sound.

1. Hardware (consumer mobile device, merchant mPOS, external speaker system, etc)

  • Do you have existing hardware/Who is your hardware provider?

  • Does your hardware have microphone (if receiving data), speaker (if transmitting data), or both (if bi-directional - both receiving and transmitting)?

  • Is the operating system running on your hardware one of the following: native Android, native iOS, React Native, Windows, Linux?

2. Software (consumer mobile app, merchant web app, etc)

  • Do you have an existing web or mobile application?/Who provides your software application?

  • If its a mobile app, is the codebase native Android, native iOS, or React Native?

  • Bonus - have you considered how your UI/UX will change after integrating LISNR Radius?

    • Examples:

      • For consumer transmitting data - adding press and hold button to control duration of transmission, automatically transmitting data when visiting a specific page, adding animations/loading visual to indicate transmission is taking place

      • For merchant receiving data - adding animation/loading visual to indicate tone listening is taking place, audible chime when an Radius tone is detected, visual confirmation (check mark) when a Radius tone is detected.

      • General - making end user's aware that at no point will the technology record any audio or intake human speech (filters audio in the 187kHz-20kHz range)

      • *If using PKAB2 tones, instructing user to align their device broadcasting speaker with receiving device microphone

3. Backend Services (payment wallet, ticketing platform, ad loyalty, authentication/user check in service, etc)

  • Does your company provide the service <Payment Wallet, Ticketing, Ad Loyalty, Authentication> that is desired to integrate with LISNR Radius?/Who provides your backend services?

  • Do you know the contents and size in bytes of the data you are wanting to transmit with LISNR Radius?

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