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Bluetooth/External Speakers
Bluetooth/External Speakers

Can LISNR broadcast through Bluetooth speakers connected to the mobile device?

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Updated over a week ago

The LISNR team does not recommend broadcasting our tones through Bluetooth speakers in general as they can distort our signal. LISNR tones have been able to be demodulated from various bluetooth speakers in the past and should be evaluated on a per bluetooth speaker basis.

When using the Radius 2.0.0 Sample App for Android or iOS from the LISNR Portal, the SDK will automatically force the audio stream to input/output from the mobile device's speaker and mic even if the device is connected to a bluetooth speaker or regular speaker (3.5 mm aux). This is intentional and can be changed programmatically when developing with the LISNR Android and iOS SDKs.

If it is desired to test with an external speaker connected to a mobile app , you can utilize our Web SDK sample app on a mobile device browser located at: On this website, you can connect your mobile device to the external speaker and the audio should play through the external speaker properly.

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