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Main Features of Radius 2.0
Main Features of Radius 2.0

What are the main features of Radius 2.0?

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  • Unidirectional ultrasonic data transmission (1:1 or 1:many) - Transmitters and Receivers

    • Tone profiles:

      • Standard2

      • Standard2_wideband

      • PKAB2

      • PKAB2_wideband

  • Bi-directional ultrasonic data transmission, sending and receiving on non-overlapping frequency channels (1:1) - Transceiver

    • Transceiver Types:





(For more details on tone profiles and transceiver types, check out this FAQ article)

  • Transmitters

    • Single Transmit functionality

    • Beaconing Transmit functionality

      • repeat payload transmission until stop called explicitly

  • Receivers

    • Detected tones report values for SNR (signal to noise ratio - indicates amount of interfering noise relative to the received strength of the tone) as well as Header/Payload EVM (error vector magnitude - indicates how challenging it was for the tone to be received)

  • Mobile Only

    • Ability to set the transmission volume of an outbound Transmitter broadcast

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