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What are SDK tokens for? How do I generate an SDK token? What's the difference between SDK and API tokens?

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The Radius SDK available on the LISNR Portal for all native platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc.) requires an SDK token in order to initialize a Radius object that will manage creation of all Transmitter, Receivers, and Transceivers.

To generate a Radius SDK token:

  • a LISNR customer must have access to the LISNR Portal

  • to create a token from the Portal, a "Current App" must be created or selected from the dropdown menu in the top-right section of the page.

    • (An app in the Portal is representation of an application where the Radius SDK may be used. For example, a LISNR Portal may have two different apps called "Production Wallet App" and "Testing Wallet App" to represent two separate environments where the Radius SDK will be utilized.)

  • Once a "Current App" is created/selected, the "App Management" tab will be enabled. Select the SDK Tokens option

  • Click "Create SDK Token"

  • You will be prompted for Android Application IDs and the Apple Bundle IDs that this SDK token will be utilized in. If you are not utilizing the SDK in a mobile platform, these fields are not required.

  • Copy your SDK token value and used it when creating your Radius object with the Radius SDK.

An SDK token can not be used with the LISNR Tone Service API and similarly an API token can not be used to initialize the Radius SDK. The LISNR Tone Service API requires an API token value in the request Authorization header. API tokens can be created by following the same steps as listed above except selecting "API Tokens" instead of "SDK tokens in the "App Management" drop-down. No input fields are required for generating an API token.

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