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Transmitting and Receiving Simultaneously
Transmitting and Receiving Simultaneously
Can LISNR listen and broadcast tones simultaneously?
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Yes, the Radius 2.0.0 SDK has transceiver (transmitter and receiver) functionality. This allows sending and receiving of tones simultaneously on separate non-overlapping frequency channels.

The following configurations (transceiver types) can be selected in the LISNR SDK:

  • Transmit with standard2 wideband and receive with pkab2

    • Ex. Transmitting small identifier and receiving a confirmation payload from a nearby device

  • Transmit with pkab2 and receive with standard2 wideband

    • Ex. Transmitting a payment payload and receiving a confirmation response

  • Transmit with pkab2 and receive with pkab2 (higher and lower frequencies)

    • Ex. Transmitting an ATM transaction payload and receiving account balance

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